Professional Towing & Recovery   903 N Miller Rd Ste A Tempe,AZ85281   (480) 797-9922
Professional Towing & Recovery
903 N Miller Rd Ste A
TempeAZ 85281
 (480) 797-9922

Reviews Of Professional Towing & Recovery

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Misti Mcquiston
Aug 31, 2018

our truck broke down the day in Flagstaff and professional Towing and Recovery came as soon as they could and the nicest driver Rob make sure that me and my kids and my truck got home safely and made sure that they were comfortable he stopped for them to use the restroom and was so nice about it I just want to give Rob a special thanks app for taking care of me and the kids in a timely manner

Hamza Baroudi
Aug 27, 2018

Elizabeth Tobin
Aug 23, 2018

they are fast and professional they brought my husband's truck to our place with no damages and they were very polite I would recommend them to my friends

Koshka Hoser
Aug 05, 2018

These guys are awesome! I had the misfortune of having a blowout on I-10 today � Geico called another towing company to assist me and they passed my call down the line now once but twice! Then the dispatch guy hung up in my ear.� I literally sat beside the freeway with my kids for 2 and a half hours! � Luckily Geico called Professional Towing for me as a back up to the third attempt with the first company. Professional Towing called me within 5 minutes to let me know help was on its way! And the lady on the phone was so nice and pleasant. Robert was sent out to help me and even helped give me directions to the nearest tire shop. Thank y’all at Professional Towing you guys are awesome and have excellent customer service! PROFESSIONAL is such a fitting name for your company!

Ron Montgomery
Jul 25, 2018

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